273 words on why I’m supporting Norman Lamb as next leader

I wanted to spend a few moments telling you why I am supporting Norman Lamb as the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.

I take you back, not to the most recent election day, nor to 2010 election when historic movements were afoot worth the promise of a new kind of politics.

I take you back to February 2010; Norman Lamb had been key to trying to get Labour and the Tories to agree on a cross-party consensus on social care. Recognising that this curtail issue was above party politics. That to deal with social care in a fair, equal, and yes Liberal way of dealing with a area of significant national concern. Norman said: Surely this is what the public are crying out for. We should be supporting efforts for politicians of different parties to work together when there are issues of this significance that need to be resolved.

It was Norman’s passion then, and now, when he speaks on areas that he is really passionate about, mental health, prison reform, LGBT rights, reform of the arcane drugs policies, human rights and civil liberties, on votes for 16&17 year olds in the upcoming EU referendum that make me want to see Norman as our next leader.

Norman has the depth, the passion, the vision to build up the Liberal Democrats. It won’t be easy, it’ll be hard and as activists we will flight every election, every campaign with the vigour and the passion that Norman will bring as leader. As Norman has said, we need to win the battle of ideas, and in this Liberal age, Norman is the right choice to lead our party.


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