Why I want to stand for Enfield & Haringey

Enfield and Haringey are vital parts of London. They are full of talented people and epitomise the diversity that this city enjoys.

I want to be a strong Liberal voice for the area and its residents, to make sure that their voices are heard on the GLA – on housing, crime, transport and more.

I am standing to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Enfield and Haringey, so that we can have a fun and exciting campaign for the London Assembly.

The London Assembly is so important in Londoners lives, yet very little is heard about it in local areas –  we need to make sure that the Greater London Assembly plays an active part in local issues.

If elected I want to ensure that residents in Enfield and Haringey have a local voice on the London Assembly and will be able to see how the Assembly operates, by holding regular surgeries all over the constituency and open meetings at City Hall. I want to work with local schools throughout the area to get pupils interested in local democracy and how the City Hall works – I want to work with young people to set up Local School Assemblies so that pupils can discuss and debate issues that matter to them and their families, and take their issues to the Mayor.

Talking to residents across Enfield and Haringey, it is clear that housing is a priority. We must build more houses in London! If elected to the Assembly, I will keep up pressure on the Mayor and the councils to ensure that affordable and sustainable homes are being built and that those of us who rent are able to afford to live in the local area.

On transport we need a modern system that means that we can get across London easier, making it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Enfield and Haringey need a energetic and committed campaigner for the upcoming London Assembly elections, and I am that dedicated campaigner that we need.

If you are a local member in Enfield or Haringey, do come along to the Haringey AGM where you will have a chance to choose your local candidate for the upcoming London Elections. The meeting will be taking place on Wednesday, 25th November 2015 at Christ Church Wood Green, N15.

Jenni & Lynne


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