Rutsch ins 2017 (Sliding into 2017)

2016 has been one of those years; pretty chaotic. Pretty much everything that has happened, has.

Pretty much how we all reacted

If you had been a betting person in 2015, you would have made a lot of money out of 2016.



Yet, through the smoke of chaos the Liberal Democrats have a lot to celebrate and a lot to build on for the new year.

LibDems in 2016

Massive increase in membership, 28 council seats won across the country, Sarah Olney winning Richmond Park of course, coming a very close second place in Witney – and this should now become a target seat for 2020, polls looking optimistic. 2017 has the chance of being a very successful year for the Liberal Democrats and liberalism in Britain.

It is therefore a really exciting time for me to have been elected to the Liberal Democrats Federal Conference Committee,  English Council and the board of Liberal Reform. I am also delighted to be standing for the London Regional Executive.

2017 will see the next round of national council elections in May, the potential of more parliamentary by-elections (and indeed council ones too), invoking Article 50. 2015-2016 were the year of the #LibDemFightback, 2017 will be the year of the #LibDemResurgence.

We should remain unashamedly pro-EU and internationalist, that is the basic tenet of our party. Labour has pretty much accepted Brexit and the Tories are now the party of Brexit (well apart from Anna Soubry, Ken Clark and, surprisingly, Dominic Grieve). We need to ensure that our party is the party of pro-EU, that we are holding not only the government to account, but holding Labour to account too. As the ‘official’ opposition (in name only) they need to be preventing some of the worst excesses of Brexit.

2017 will be an exciting year for the Lib Dems and for me too. I am going to use this blog, in addition to my Facebook page, to keep you updated with work that I do on the Lib Dem Federal Conference Committee, English Council and if elected, on London Regional Exec.




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