Labour’s six points are too little, too late

Some might say that it’s admirable that Labour are laying out their six red lines in Brexit.

Some might say that, I definitely don’t.

Labour’s Six Points

It’s now far too late, the horse has bolted, the stable door is open, the flood gates are gaping wide; and many more metaphors.

Even former Governor Howard Dean agrees:


C7Xr8UfXUAENuqk.jpg large

The Labour Lords didn’t even bother to vote on the second time round to give parliament a meaningful vote on the Brexit deal; instead, by doing so, they gave Theresa May’s extreme-Brexit policy and government legitimacy. So, now Labour is trying to make up for its Tory/Brexit complicity. Issue is, there is no guarantee on a meaningful vote in parliament on the deal that Theresa May negotiates (or more likely, is forced to accept.)

Sir Keir Starmer will say tomorrow that he wants to retain the ‘exact same benefits’ that the UK enjoys from being inside the Single Market and customs union. Exact same benefits? Whilst I agree fully with this, it’s a bit too little and a bit too late from the Labour leadership. Problem is, that Sir Keir is trying his hardest to oppose Brexit with a pro-Brexit Labour leader, which means he is set-up for failure.

Furthermore, Labour Lords voted against the UK staying in the Single Market when the Article 50 Bill was being debated, as did Labour MPs.

The Labour party’s six demands are too little, far too late. How will they be a le of hold the government to account? Actually do the job of opposing the government, if the government knows that Jeremy Corbyn will press his MPs to support Brexit?

Labour are failing to be an opposition on Brexit, their approach is haphazard at best and catastrophic at least.


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